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Wine in the Dark Woods (tour operators)
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In the darkest time of the year the forest and quality wines get extra sparkles from the flames and lights we've brought to the venue. You will be guided through the shadowy woods into the tasting area lit by fire and flames, where our wilderness sommelier will get you aquainted with how to combine wild flavors of the forest to European quality wines. In case of an undesireable weather we'll make sure you'll stay dry and warm.

Only 14 seats for each event, so book yours now! 

  • Duration of the event 2,5 hrs

  • Guided forest-bathing tour on a nature trail for tuning senses

  • Wine tasting with a wilderness sommelier in the middle of the woods 

  • Red wine tasting

  • Wild complementing flavors from the forest

  • Sustainably produced European quality wines

  • Tasting servings ~ 4 cl/wine


  • Please wear clothing according to the weather

  • Maximum number of participants: 14

  • Age restriction 18+ 

  • Free parking at site

Wine in the Woods is a two-hour exploration into a world, where wine and forest meet. Our expert guides will take you on a new type of journey through flavours and aromas in our wine bar in the middle of the woods. After a short walk on a nature trail your senses will be attuned to our woodland surroundings helping you to get a deeper impression of the carefully selected wines. The forest’s al fresco tasting area - which lives and breathes by the seasons - is every time a slighty new version of itself, as it is decorated by sunlight and natural foliage. The tastes and smells of the wines and the forest will come alive through the stories binding them together.

We are proud of this creation where wine is more than just wine and you can taste more than plain flavours in it. We pour rain, bonfire smoke, mist and nightless night in your glass. 

The connection between food and wine is already well known to life’s connoisseurs. I wanted to investigate the theme more deeply and bring together two things that are important to me, wine and nature. Could something bigger be born from this? Nature is in the flavour of every wine: the soil and its minerals, within which the roots of the grapevine grow, are present in the flavour. The nuances in the wine are characterised by local climate, the weather during the year of the crop, sunshine, heat, rain and the wood used for the barrel. Maybe that’s why wine has always filled my imagination with such powerful images.
The taste and smell can take me into the middle of the forest, to particular spots: under the shade of spruce branches, onto the warmth of the rocks, or amongst the lush foliage of the birch. I find this fascinating and want to give others the chance to experience the same - and a little more. For the Wine in the Woods tasting experience we have chosen five wines connected with nature in different ways, and for each wine a special place in the woods. The wines have a chance to return to nature, from where they have come, where everything is equal and where instead of strict restraint and control, constant change is present and embraced. Nature goes where it wants, just like the wines produced using original methods. I can’t wait to see what kind of experience we can offer you. Welcome!

Antti Huttunen 

Finnish nature enthusiast and expert,
Founder of the popular Retkipaikka (Destinations Outdoors) -website and co-creator of Back to Nature TV-series

Subject to change.