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Wine in the Woods - gift voucher for four
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Wine in the Woods - wine tasting in the forest

Surprise a friend, partner, or even your parents with a unique Wine in the Woods tasting gift voucher from Finland, Naturally Experiences/Retkipaikka. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase and includes participation for one person in a wine tasting event. The voucher holder can choose the most suitable date for themselves from the Wine in the Woods website, the link to which can be found below. The voucher can be used for any Wine in the Woods tasting.

What is Wine in the Woods?

Wine in the Woods is a unique and new way to experience different wine flavors in the midst of nature and the forest. It is a journey into the world of aromas and scents where the stories of wine and the forest meet.

Together with our knowledgeable guides, we start with a short walk, during which we tune in to experience the forest and nature with all our senses. Then we step into the forest's dining room, our wine bar set up amidst the trees.

The two-hour experience includes five carefully selected, high-quality red wines, each connected to nature in a different way. For each Wine in the Woods tasting, we have chosen a special place in the forest.

"Nature is present in every taste of wine; the soil and all its minerals, where the vine grows its roots, are present. The taste and scent can transport me in my mind to the middle of the forest, to a specific place: under the shade of spruces, to a sunny rock, or under the green foliage of a birch. It's fascinating, and I want to give others the chance to experience the same – and a bit more."

- Antti Huttunen, founder of the popular Retkipaikka community and father of the Back to Nature TV series.

Who is Wine in the Woods for?

The Wine in the Woods tasting is suitable for anyone over 18 interested in wine, nature, or both. The experience is also an excellent Christmas gift for a spouse or a special friend.

Wine in the Woods tasting

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Age limit: 18 years

  • Guided sensory walk

  • Wine tasting led by a forest sommelier

  • Tasting portion of wines (6-8cl)

  • Welcome drink

  • 5 high-quality red or white wines

  • Flavors of the forest, such as seasonal wild herbs and syrup

  • Dress according to the weather, we provide advice if needed

  • Location: Starting from the Finnish Nature and Hiking Center Haltia, Nuuksiontie 84, Espoo

See more details about the Wine in the Woods experience and available dates!