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Visit Haltia, The Finnish Nature Centre


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The Finnish Nature Center Haltia is a modern exhibition and event centre bringing all Finland’s nature jewels under one roof. Here Finnish nature is at the spotlight, both in- and outdoors. Just half-an-hour from Helsinki, Haltia is surrounded by the spectacular views of Nuuksio and Lake Pitkäjärvi, excellent hiking paths and even Nuuksio National park . We welcome you to come and visit us and spend the day by Finland's diverse and loved nature!

At Haltia you can...

... pet a bear! Would you dare? It hasn't been awake for years, though, but who knows...

... take a hike. Marked trails starting from the Nature Centre take you deep into Finnish woods. Suitable trails for shorter and longer walks.

... get yourself aquinted with Finnish mythology. Kalevala-spirit surrounds all of Haltia.

... enjoy the outstanding bites from Restaurant Haltia. Strongly leaning to organic and locally produced ingredients the Restaurant truly favours our nature.

... linger by a bonfire on Haltia's yard

Haltia's exhibitions present Finland's stunning and wonderful nature destinations under one roof. Let Haltia take you to the sceneries of our wonderful National Parks, fantastic hiking trails and to the experiences provided by the local, capital area outdoors. The popular exhibitions follow seasonal changes with actual panoramic views to the surrounding nature. Experience is enhanced with art, video presentations and interactivity in an adequate illumination and audio environment.

There is an admission fee to all Haltia's exhibitions. There is an entrance fee to all Haltia's exhibitions. The entrance fee includes all nature exhibitions and an audio guide (languages: English, Chinese, Swedish, Finnish).

Discounted admission for: youth (7-17 years), students, pensioners, unempoyed and draftees.

Children under 7 years for free.

Free entrance to: lobby, Haltia Shop, restaurant & café.


Finnish Nature -main exhibition

The main exhibition offers a comprehensive nature experience. It leads you from the Finnish Archipelago to the tops of the fells in Lapland – to all of Finland’s 40 national parks. You will experience the beauty and magic of the five seasons in all their glory and get a taste of nature’s power of creation with a touch of mythology from the Kalevala.

Haltia's special exhibitions offer fresh perspectives into nature and culture. 

New special exhibition Trace

Trace is the first ever exhibition at Haltia that speaks out strongly for the nature. Via photos by Nordic photographers and their personal stories, the exhibition brings out the human tracks in the nature. There are approximately 100 beautiful and powerful photos that will affect the viewers.

The nature has always been affected by humans' actions. We at Haltia are extremely worried that nowadays the track is very strong. Bad news about species dying off, ever increasing climate change and littering of the seas and the nature distress us!