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FAQ - Wine in the Woods - Preguntas Frecuentes

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Los idiomas de servicio de la experiencia son inglés y finlandés.

How should I dress for Wine in the Woods? Wine in the Woods takes place entirely outdoors, so dress according to the weather.

We will be walking along hiking trails and forest paths, so you'll be fine with sneakers, rubber boots, or sandals. The forest floor and undergrowth may be damp, and your footwear may get dirty.

During the tasting, we will be sitting on wooden benches. The benches have cushions and insulation, so you don't need to bring your own seat cushion. It's a good idea to bring warm and windproof clothing on cool days since we will be sitting during the tasting. The tasting area is covered.

Forest animals and insects roam freely in the woods. If needed, please use unscented insect repellent.

Is there food served during the tasting?

We offer small wild flavor pairings such as syrups, salts, and wild herbs to accompany the wines. So instead of eating, we do flavor experiments. Our partner for wild flavor pairings is the local company TouchWild.

We recommend having a meal before the event and again afterward! Restaurant Haltia serves at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, in the immediate vicinity of the tasting location. Please check the restaurant's opening hours on their website.

What kinds of wines are tasted during the event?

You can choose between a red wine or white wine tasting.

The wines selected for Wine in the Woods are chosen based on the following criteria: quality, local production, sustainable production, and story.

Quality for us means that the wine is technically high-quality. We want to offer high-quality taste experiences instead of uniform bulk wines. If availability issues arise, we will replace the wine with an equally good alternative.

By local production, we loosely mean Europe. The Old Continent is full of interesting, sustainably produced, and high-quality wines, so we favor this "local production." Of course, there are also amazing wines produced in America and Australia, but we try to do our part by choosing products with the smallest logistical distance from the production site to the Finnish forest.

Sustainable production is a multifaceted concept. We rely on expert cooperation with our importer, who knows the wine producers and offers us options according to our criteria. The wines we offer are always sustainably produced, and we strive to look beyond certifications. The wine can be organic, biodynamic, vegan, any combination of these, or none of them.

Stories are the magic that ignites us. We want to delve deeper into the sensory experiences of our wines. We want to tell and understand what factors contribute to the creation of taste. What role does the oak barrel, freezing temperatures, or geographical location play? Does the winemaker follow a certain tradition in growing the grapes? What do grapevines and Arctic dwarf birch have in common?

Wine in the Woods is a wine tasting with storytelling. The wine packages change every year.

Our wine importer and expert cooperation are done with Viinitie.

Is there public transportation to the venue?

You can easily take bus 245(A) from Espoo Center, which is accessible both by train and bus from Helsinki city center. The bus to Nuuksio and back runs regularly from Espoo Center. Please alight from the bus at the Suomen luontokeskus Haltia stop. After the tasting event concludes, you can use the same bus to return to Espoo Center, where excellent connections await you. This option not only helps reduce environmental impact but also allows you to enjoy our wines worry-free without the hassle of driving.

Can I book a non-alcoholic tasting?

Currently, we do not offer non-alcoholic tastings, but we focus on traditional tasting offerings.

You are not required to drink or swallow the wines offered during the tasting. Spitting is allowed!

Are dogs allowed at the event?

The tasting event is intended for participants who are 18 years old or older.

Guide dogs in service are allowed. Please inform us in advance about their presence!

Who is Wine in the Woods suitable for?

The experience is perfect for nature enthusiasts who enjoy indulging in wine. Since alcoholic beverages are served during the event, participants must be of legal drinking age.

The experience is a unique tasting event, so whether you are a complete novice, an enthusiast, or a professional.Each participant experiences the event based on their own life experiences, and they come for different reasons. One comes to enjoy the bounties of nature, another to try the variety of wines, a third to hear stories, a fourth to learn something new, and a fifth to simply refresh themselves!

Wine in the Woods has been a popular gift for occasions such as anniversaries, weddings and engagements, birthdays, graduations, and retirement celebrations.

What if it rains?

We serve in all weather conditions, and our participants also respect the changing weather conditions of the northern nature. In case of rain, participants can be provided with rain ponchos. The event is held entirely outdoors, so dressing appropriately for the weather increases comfort. The tasting area is covered in case of rain.

On cooler days, there are always blankets or furs available at the tasting location for warmth.

We work diligently to promote outdoor life. We take into account our customers' comfort within the prevailing weather conditions. Wine in the Woods is also a unique experience, especially when thunder rumbles in the background! The taste of wines also changes due to weather conditions, making each event always unique.

Poor weather experienced by the customer does not entitle a refund or the rescheduling of the event on short notice. If dangerous weather is forecasted for the time of the experience, the event will be canceled, and participants will be provided with a new opportunity to attend Wine in the Woods. We follow the guidelines of the Finnish Meteorological Institute regarding dangerous weather conditions and inform participants at least one day in advance when the forecasts are confirmed.

Can I order Wine in the Woods for a specific location?

Wine in the Woods can also be ordered as a private event at the location of your choice!

Organizing a private event requires obtaining a temporary liquor license, and the desired location cannot already have a liquor license administered by another company.

However, the event can be organized, for example, on private properties (home, summer cottage) or other locations. Permission from the landowner is required to organize the event. We can certainly come to your forest land!

Please inquire about organizing the experience at your desired location well in advance, at least 2 months, so that we have time to apply for the temporary liquor license and make the necessary arrangements.

Extra production and arrangement costs are incurred in addition to the experience itself, approximately €1500, including the temporary liquor license, its application, route and safety planning for the desired location, and travel expenses. The exact price is determined by the location.

Please contact, and we will provide you with more information!

Is Wine in the Woods accessible?

The experience can be organized with assisted accessibility in the nearby forests of Haltia, the home base.

Ellare Oy conducted an accessibility survey of Wine in the Woods from the perspective of a wheelchair user in the autumn of 2022.

The survey took into account that the nature trail is not fully accessible and may have softer ground and small tree roots in some places. The tree roots did not pose an obstacle, but it's good to be aware of them.

"The campfire site was excellent from the perspective of a wheelchair user. We estimated that about 8 wheelchairs or walkers could fit loosely around the campfire, and a few more if squeezed. The space was large enough for wheelchair users to feel included like everyone else. The space made it happen. The wine glass could be placed on the bench, which is a good thing.

We unanimously agreed that it was one of the best guided tours and programs ever. It was professionally executed, the guides were knowledgeable, appropriately relaxed, and engaged the participants very well. The execution of the program showed professionalism and planning skills, and the dramatic arc was built skillfully."

The dry toilet at the tasting location is not suitable for people with mobility disabilities. The nearest accessible restroom is located indoors at Haltia.