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€88.00 / 2 h
Price includes 1 person. Extras:
  • Henkilö€88.00

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The wooden traditional log-house of Wäinölä is ready to welcome quests, who want to experience the special athmosphere of the past. The fire warms up the room and candles illumininate the room. There are 4 tables and every table has just one group, minimum charge is 4 and maximum amoubnt 10 people.  

If you want to come some other day than Sunday, please be in touch with us via email info@nuuksiontaika.fi


Make a reservation for the day you are coming and choose the menu: fish, game or vegetarian menu. Ingredients of the menu are all local, mushrooms, berries and wild herbs from the surrounding woods. Fish, game and vegetables are all from Filand as close as possible. All the food is lactose-free and you can also choose glutein-free menu. 

You need to take same menu minimum for 4 adults and on the top of that children menu, there can be e.g. for 4 people fish menu and 4 peoople game menu and all in one table.


Forest mushroom soup

  • forest mushrooms, roasted nettles and homemade bread with butter


Smoked Salmon

  • Rainbow salmon from Finland, rosted potatoes, sweet carrots, sauce form wild herbs and seasonal salad

Casserole of Wild Deer

  • wild deer form Finland, smashed potatoes wiht onions, lingonberry jam and seasonal salad 

Vegetarian Steakes

  • sweet turnips and apples, smashed potatoes with onions, sauce with wild herbs and seasonal salad


  • Chocolade-cake with Rasberry sauce


  • the chosen menu served on table
  • to drink water from the tap and home beer
  • house of Wäinölä with fireplace and candles, warm room also in the wintertime