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The noun for a Finnish pancake varies. Lettu, lätty, plätty, räiskäle, ohukainen. According to folklore we tend to give a range of names for the most beloved matters. And pancakes certainly are one of them.   

Our pancakes are cooked the traditional way on an open fire using only the few best ingredients. Cooking by a fire is one of the few skills which is still passed on from a generation to another, a genuinely living tradition which has been practiced since the first flame was once ignited.
We invite you to the Nordic forest to share the fireside with us and enjoy the modest yet glorious taste of Finnish pancakes crowned with sweet jam. Old-style kettle coffee/tea with necessary condiments is naturally also served. 

Campfire pancakes - plätty

  • Duration 1,5 h

  • Guided short walk to the fireside in the forest

  • Pancake cooking with a guide

  • Coffee/tea served with pancakes 

  • Most in advance informed dietary restrictions will be met

  • Additional services:
    Transportation from Helsinki to the location and back

  • Please wear clothing according to the weather
  • Maximum number of participants: 20