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Skytent accommodation at Huuhanranta
€98.00 / d
Price includes 2 persons. Extras:
  • Person(s)€40.00


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Skytent Camp Saimaa, Huuhanranta

Stay by the shores of Lake Saimaa, one of Finland's most beautiful sandy beaches!

Skytent accommodation at Huuhanranta is perfect for:

  • bike touring enthusiasts

  • adventure seekers

  • couples

  • friends

Spend a night in a skytent camp nestled among the branches of trees, swayed by the wind, an experience you won't forget. These tents are a new and literally elevated way to stay outdoors! These "floating tents" are set up between sturdy trees, providing an incredibly light and unique sleeping experience.

Skytents at Huuhanranta are located in the heart of the stunning Saimaa region.

Bookings for summer 2024 at Huuhanranta are now available!

Accommodation includes:

  • Overnight stay for 1-3 people in a skytent

  • Tents will be set up on the tree in advance!

  • Stunning location at Huuhanranta

  • Free parking

  • Service facilities at Huuhanranta
    Huuhanranta is managed by the South Karelia Recreation Area Foundation (EKVAS)

    • Dry toilet

    • Campfire spot

What to bring:

  • Sleeping bags and matresses

  • Drinking water! There is no water point at Huuhanranta

  • Snacks

  • Other personal camping gear

  • Swimsuit and towel


Huuhanranta, 56310 Ruokolahti, Finland

Tent is available to guests from 3:00 PM on the arrival day until 11:00 AM on the departure day. Detailed instructions will be provided to the guest in a separate booking confirmation upon ordering.


June 24, 2024 - September 30, 2024

There are 2 skytents available in the summer of 2024.

Tents and Prices:

1-2 people/skytent €98

3 people/skytent €138

Children under school age stay free of charge. (No need to specify separately when making a reservation.)

Booking and check-in:

Tent is available to guests from 3:00 PM on the arrival day until 11:00 AM on the departure day. Detailed instructions will be provided to the guest in a separate booking confirmation upon ordering.

Possibility to reschedule:

Although these tents can withstand even harsh conditions, guests don't have to. We offer a free rescheduling option in the following situations:

  • Notify us in advance by contacting bookings@finlandnaturally.com. Our customer service will confirm the rescheduling for a new date no later than 7 days before the original accommodation date.

  • The weather forecast on the morning of the arrival day shows a storm and winds exceeding 17 m/s from Lake Saimaa.

  • Rainy weather forecast or a rainy day is not a reason for cancellation or rescheduling!

What is a skytent like as an accommodation?

Skytent comfortably accommodates 2-3 people.

You will stay in a tent either alone or with your own group.

At Huuhanranta Skytent Camp, there are 2-4 tents depending on the season. Tents are approximately 10 meters apart. Loud conversations and screams can be heard from neighboring tents, but normal conversations cannot. Skytent camp is similar to a traditional tent camp.

There are established paths in the area.

The terrain consists mainly of sandy beach and pine forest, so please try to clean your feet before climbing into the tent.

Skytent camp is not accessible.

The weight limit for tents is 400 kg per tent. (And it can definitely withstand light bouncing!)

The recommended equipment for skytent camping includes a sleeping bag and camping matress. The tent allows airflow, so the preferred camping season is during warm weather. Sleeping in a skytent is comparable to camping in terms of temperature.

Nature sounds can be heard through the tent fabric. We recommend earplugs in the spring for light sleepers, as birds start their serenades very early in the morning.

The cover fabric of the tent is water- and windproof. The fabric also blocks out light during summer nights. For those sensitive to light, we recommend using an eye mask for peaceful sleep.

How do you get inside a skytent?

There are several ways to enter the tent, either by utilizing your own mobility or using rope ladders, for example. Use either the hole on the bottom of the tent to push yourself in, or climb in from the side window/door.

Cleanliness and waste

The camper is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and condition of Skytent Camp, its surroundings, and the associated services. Tents should be thoroughly cleaned after use.

Please sweep away sand, pine needles, and any other possible debris from the tent before leaving.

Skytent Camp follows a "leave no trace" principle. We expect our campers to responsibly sort and handle their waste. Burning trash is not allowed.


Our tents are designed for human visitors only, so unfortunately pets are not allowed.

Things to do at Huuhanranta

"The scenery unfolding before us made an immediate impression: behind the pine forest, the blue Lake Saimaa shimmered, along with the vast Huuhanselkä. Saimaa's waves lapped against the shore, and our shoes quickly came off. The sand felt warm under our toes, and the water was around twenty degrees."

For families with children, there is a bonfire spot, parking area, and swimming spot at Huuhanranta. Huuhanranta is managed by the South Karelia Recreation Area Foundation (EKVAS).
Read more on the EKVAS website.

Huuhanranta is one of the destinations along the Ancient Sea to Lake Saimaa route and part of the Saimaa Geopark.
Read more on the Saimaa Geopark website.


Dry toilet - 50 m

Parking - 400 m
Bus stop -
Café-restaurant - 5.5 km (Utula village shop)
Grocery store - 5.5 km (Utula village shop)
Fuel station - 8 km (St 1)
Ruokolahti (town) - 35 km
Puumala (town) - 46 km
Imatra (town) - 53 km


  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the Skytent Camp area.

  • Pets are not allowed in the tents.