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Dine in the Woods - wildfood in forest!

Would you fancy a bite of an ancient Finnish cuisine of fire and smoke? To have an unforgettable dinner full of forest flavours? Surrounded by balmy evergreen woods in the fading evening light accompanied with a mighty bonfire. Our guides know the secrest of the local woods and are willing to share their experties with you. They will take you to the finest forest table where a wildfood menu will be prepared for you on an open fire. You will be served the best seasonal ingredients.

Finns have benefitted from the wide variety of woodland foods for as long as anyone can remember. Truth be told, the existnece of this country and its people is based on it. The land was inhabited by hunters and gatherers, who were looking for the best fish, game and other food. We are now following the foodsteps [pun intended] of our ancestors and turned the whole forest into a restauranta! Why bring ingredients to a kitchen, when it's equally possible to bring the kitchen to the ingredients?

In Finland we have a world-class chancec for fishing, hunting, picking mushrooms and berries and gathering other edible plants straight from the nature. That's also what we would like to offer you: fresh and pure berries, mushrooms, fish, game and wild herbs. You will hear stories about the ingredients and learn about the methods we use when using open fire for cooking. Everything is based on the concept of "everyman's rights" which is practiced in Finland. We are quite excited to have this chance to share a part of Finnish cuisine and culture with you!

We are all about local products and environmental sustainability from the beginning to the end, which guarantees a healthy meal and the best culinary experience.

You are warmly welcome to join us on this journey to taste the wilderness!




Pike from a pond with wild herb oil
Finnish ryebread with mushroom-butter

Flambéed traditional black pudding
Rowanberry-jelly and sprig-mayonnaise

Ember cooked deer stew
Juniper broth

Lingonberry mush
Spruce sprout syrup