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Berry Picking in Nuuksio National Park
€64.00 / 2 h
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Picking berries fresh from the ground is granted for everyone in Finland. It is an actively practiced living tradition and the spine of Nordic well-being. Join us exploring the woods and fnd out yourself what the forest has to offer.

One of our professional guides will take you and your group to the woods of Nuuksio and show you the way to the best berry picking locations. You will easily learn to recognize the healthy blueberries, lingonberries and other goods, and lose the sense of time whilst picking the best ones. Taste the pearls of the land fresh from ground. Finns have never called it raw food, as for us it’s just the way berries have always been eaten. After we are happy with our catch we move to the freside to have a break. Relaxing by the bonfre before returning to civilization is a perfect way to end your trip in the woods.

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