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€180.00 / d
Price includes 2 persons. Extras:
  • Person(s)€60.00


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Spend a night in a tree!

Tentsiles are the new, up-class form of spending the night out. These “skytents” are suspended between firm trees giving you the sensation of a lighter sleep! In addition you have all the necessary accommodation services, and a little more with a bonfire, outstanding forest-views and an optional sauna.
Nuuksio’s North Gate is located next to the National park, only 30 minutes from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and 45 minutes from Helsinki city centre. Here you are guaranteed to have serene and pure nature around you without a trace of city buzz. 

Nuuksio’s North Gate is a unique combination of former manor estate with old buildings and wide tidy grass areas and of the authentic Finnish forests with pine trees and winding paths. The area is still calmer than most of the core locations in the National Park and has been described as a hidden gem!
Have a memorable experience with friends, spouse or family, or treat yourself only in this unique environment. Enjoy an evening by a campfire with a view over lake Salmijärvi. When the night falls lay down (up) on a Tentsile and relax, feel the peace, fall asleep and wake up next morning to greet the sun.
This is an easy and high-quality venue for you to get familiar with the concept of "skytents" and sleeping "in the air" without the burdens of travelling somewhere way back yonder. Breakfast is always included in your experience and it will be served in the sauna lounge. Sauna is also possible to book by a request.
Nuuksio's North Gate: Salmentie 100 , FI-03300 Vihti.
Reception: Cafe Pirtti from 3 to 4 pm at address Salmentie 100 , FI-03300 Vihti Finland

Accommodation includes

  • One-night stay in a private tentsile for 2 persons
  • Sleeping bags with liners, towel, Tentsile mattress 
  • Unique location next to Nuuksio National park
  • Breakfast-basket
  • Shared toilet and showers  
  • Fresh water from tap
  • Small fridge for your use 
  • Free parking at site
  • Power outlets for charging your phone

What you might need with you

  • Your personal items and a sleeping buddy
  • Snacks

Additional services and activities at Nuuksio's North Gate:

  • Sauna by request
  • Open-fire cooking
  • Summer café at site
  • Fatbike rental
  • Kayak and canoe rental (please contact the café, info@luonnonhelmassa.fi or +358 45 7871 5399)
  • Hiking routes
  • Berry and mushroom picking
  • Unique Wine in the Woods -tasting NEW LOCATION by the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo

Booking and check-in
Tentsile is available for guests from 15.00 on the day of arrival to 12.00 (noon) on the day of departure.
More detailed instructions are provided for the guest on a separate reservation confirmation after a successful booking.

Breakfast provided by: Makujen Kipinätär Oy